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CPCD traži ponude za izvođenje Treninga za trenere





Civil Society Promotion Center (CSPC) in partnership with Centers for Civil Initiatives (CCI) have been implementing 5-year „Civil Society Sustainability Program“, supported by USAID and British Embassy in BiH. CSPC is one of 22 beneficiaries of this program.

One of the key components of this Program is strengthening institutional capacity of Resource Center of the CSPC (CSPC RC). One of the activity within this component, is capacity building of CSPC RC training capacity.    

CSPC Management now invites the most competitive proposals from national and international consulting/training firms and independent trainers/consultants to provide and advanced 5-day Training of Trainers:  

Purpose of the Assignment

The main purpose of the assignment is to develop and deliver the 5-day Training – of Trainers (ToT) course on planning, organizing and conducting interactive and participatory training workshops.   


 Specific objectives:


1. Develop participants’ capacity to plan, organize, and conduct training.

2. Introduce participants to principles and concepts of adult learning and training cycle.

3. Develop participants’ capacity to formulate achievement-based objectives.

4. Equip participants with knowledge of effective training methods and visual aids and

skills to use them.

5. Identify effective ways to monitor and evaluate training sessions.


Target audience:


CSPC trainers and its outside trainers/collaborators - max 16 participants


Scope of Work 


Trainer's Task and Responsibilities


Under the overall guidance of t the CSPC Program Manager, the duties and responsibilities of the trainers are as follows:

  • Determine the most effective delivery methods and applicable training instruments for the trainees to achieve the training objectives and measurable outcomes, including appropriate training techniques;
  • Develop a proposal for the training curriculum, including the training objectives and training topics, 
  • Prepare supportive training materials (training agenda, handouts, presentations, case-studies, reading materials etc.) to be used by participants during and after the training and published freely (as printed materials, web-sites etc.) by CSPC;
  • Conduct a 5-day  TOT course
  • Prepare and deliver a final report of trainings content and their results 7 (seven) days after the completion of the training,including information on training delivery process, results achieved and participant evaluation,  


Main deliverables (Results):


By the end of the assignment the Trainer should deliver to the CSPC Program Manager 


 Trainer’s agenda with detailed sessions and clearly defined learning objectives and methods to be used to achieve these objectives;

 Training materials in the shape of presentations, handouts, participant’s agenda, guidelines, videos etc.

 Successful delivery of a 5-day ToT

 Final reports on the content, methodology and results of training delivered.


Content/ Main topics:


Although trainer will submit detailed training plan as part of its proposal, initially it will include the following topics:

  • Training and Learning, Adult Learning characteristics
  • Training Cycle, Training Objectives and Training Design
  • Facilitation skills;
  • participatory  training design and delivery
  • Training Tools
  • Training Objectives
  • Training Design and Trainers’ roles
  • Training Materials preparation
  • Feedback rules
  • Effective presentation skills - Effective use of verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Different training techniques: small groups, role playing , case study
  • Use of visual aids, including technology in facilitating workshop
  • Practicum – Pilot training sessions   




5-day ToT will be delivered in the period December 2014 – January 2015. Exact dates of training delivery will be determined according to agreed Work plan. Total of  8 working days are available for the whole assignment.

Trainer working days





Working Days


Preparing training design (training program and material)



5-day ToT delivery



Final Report Writing



8 working days


Location of the assignment:


The training of trainers will be hold in the premises of CSPC Resource Center in Sarajevo, Gradačačka bb, Sarajevo 


Language: B/H/S or English


Inputs from CSPC 


The following inputs will be made available for completing the assignment:


 Inputs to assist the trainer in different stages of the assignment




Payments will be based on 8 working days in accordance with the agreed work plan.




The submission/proposal should provide the following information/documents:

1. Letter of intent and availability,

2. Technical proposal including proposed approach and methodology, and content outline of the training program/plan.

3. Financial proposal comprising detailed quotation for the assignment, showing working days and daily expected fee and travel costs;

4. Contact details of two past performance references

5. CVs of trainer


Above mentioned documents should be sent no later than 5th December to e-mail address: rc@cpcd.ba