9. juli 2018

ToR: Mapiranje i procjena postojećih nacionalnih i međunarodnih usluga i praksi

Terms of reference for a consultant / company to map and appraise the existing national and international services and practices supporting child victims of online violence

Project title: Preventing and Tackling Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Project location: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Engagement period: 22 days (from 26 July to 14 September 2018)

Implementing partners: UNICEF BiH and the International Forum of Solidarity (IFS) Emmaus (BiH Child Protection Consortium)

Donor agency:  End Violence Against Children


Save the Children believes every child deserves a future. In the countries of the North West Balkans, we work hard to give children a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. In times of crisis and when children are most vulnerable, we are among the first to come to aid and among the last to leave. We make sure that children's specific needs are addressed and their voice is heard. We attain long-lasting outcomes for millions of children, including hard-to-reach children. We do whatever it takes for children - every day and in times of crisis - transforming their lives and the future we share.


Child abuse for pornographic purposes is a global crime generally committed via the Internet; also, it is the cruellest and most widespread form of sexual exploitation and abuse of children and juveniles by adults. The exploitation of boys and girls for the production, distribution, possession or viewing of inappropriate material - for and by Internet users - with children as participants, is one of the worst forms of child abuse. Activities and measures in the field of combating online child sexual exploitation and abuse at the global and regional levels over the past years have significantly contributed to the creation of a positive environment for improving mechanisms for international cooperation, legal frameworks, strengthening prevention activities, in accordance with the competences and responsibilities of the relevant institutions involved in this process. Save the Children is the leader in addressing the problem of online child abuse in the region and seeks to support efforts in the prevention of online violence against children by providing support to authorities, institutions and professionals in Bosnia and Herzegovina enabling them to act within its competencies and responsibilities and improve and / or develop new operational mechanisms to attain improved cooperation among stakeholders in the area of child protection, and further strengthen the system for combating sexual violence and other forms of online child abuse.


For the purposes of the project Preventing and Tackling Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse in Bosnia & Herzegovina implemented by UNICEF, ISF Emmaus and Save the Children (BiH Child Protection Consortium), we are hiring a consultant or a company (hereinafter referred to as: the Consultant) with relevant experience. The task of the Consultant will be to map and appraise the existing services providing support to child victims of violence in digital environment, including the best national and international practices and models with a view to recommending future actions by institutions and professionals in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The mapping should be comprehensive and show the protection of child victims of online abuse, including the identification of victims, techniques of support and building resilience and the process of re-integration or integration in the community, with the necessary participation of children in the entire process. The target groups for this task include local and international organisations and institutions addressing the issue of child protection while focusing on the best practices in the area of the protection of victims of sexual and other forms of online child abuse.


The scope and methodology of the work takes into account all relevant Save the Children MEAL  standards. The task is focused on the above mapping and appraisal of the existing services providing support to child victims of online abuse, including the best national and international practices and models, as well as recommendations for future action. Bidders are required to submit a technical offer and a financial offer, which need to include a description of the work methodology and a detailed description of the task implementation. The process will be conducted in line with a work calendar / timeline as adopted.


A final document concerning the existing services providing support, as mapped and appraised, including the recommendations,  with a detailed review of different systems and models of support to child victims of online violence for setting up effective systems for combating sexual violence and other forms of online child abuse in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Microsoft Office Word) , in English and BCS. The document should include, inter alia: the rights of victims, identified support models with regard to sexual and other forms of violence against children in digital environment, the role and responsibilities of other stakeholders in their work with child victims of violence, building the capacities of different professionals for the work with children, applicable measures and continued strengthening of child victims relative to their age, and the protection of children in international cases. The document should have no more than 60 pages including annexes.


In for all tasks to be completed within the given time frame, the Consultant will be hired from 26 July 2018 to 14 September 2018. The Consultant will prepare and implement a work plan in consultations and with support of the relevant staff of Save the Children.


Minimum expertise and skills required:

  • As a minimum, a university degree in humanities (an MA or a PhD in the relevant area will be considered an advantage);
  • At least 5 years of national and/or regional experience in the implementation of similar tasks, preferably with experience in different aspects of systems for the protection of children from abuse, with a specific focus on online child safety and protection of child victims;
  • Experience in drafting similar documents with a focus on the work on child protection models;
  • Fluency in English and BCS;
  • Excellent analytical and communication skills.


Interested candidates must prepare and submit a bid (with attachments) in English and BCS in response to the above specific tasks. The bid must include the following:

Package for firms / organisations (to be completed if applying on behalf of a firm / organisation)

1. Bid;

2. Individual team members' CVs (maximum three pages) specifying the relevant experience

3. SC-PR-10 – Request for Quotation;

Package for individual consultants

1. Bidding response - consultants;

2. CV - consultants (maximum three pages) specifying the relevant experience

Detailed ToR and necessary forms are available here.

Candidates interested in the engagement should send their bids to info.nwbalkans@savethechildren.org no later than Friday, 20 July 2018. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

Location: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Contract - Part-Time

Closing date: Thursday 19 July 2018

All jobs close at midnight UK time on the date specified

Preuzeto sa: www.nwb.savethechildren.net