About the project:

The project “Mlade lavice” will provide an opportunity for young women from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina to develop leadership skills, gain professional confidence and connect with each other to increase job opportunities and get involved in the public life of their community. “Mlade lavice” will form an informal network of young enthusiasts who will bring new energy to the mentoring program for women in B&H. Within the project, they will have the opportunity to discuss the challenges they face in society and the labor market, as well as to create new partnerships.

“Mlade lavice” will consist of a group of 30 selected young unemployed women (aged 18 to 30) with strong communication and leadership potential, who will be divided into 3 regional subgroups with activities in Sarajevo, Mostar and Banja Luka. Young women, beneficiaries of the project, will improve their knowledge and skills, and will also be encouraged to write texts, run websites, and Facebook pages dedicated to promoting solidarity and empowering women in B&H. They will act as an informal network of women who will later create and implement their projects, through mutual cooperation, which will be an opportunity for them to put the newly acquired knowledge into practice. The media, which will broadcast their texts, will provide valuable support in raising the visibility of their initiatives, which should contribute to changing public opinion about women and the challenges they face in private and public life.

“Mlade lavice” mentors, people from the public and private sector, media outlets, civil society organizations and government institutions, will be selected based on the specific needs of the target group, and in the implementation of the project, through the training program, Leadership Academy, and as advisors for certain activities, experts from the fields of psychology, media, journalism, project cycle management, etc. will also be involved.

Methodology of work:

The project will be implemented as a combination of training, mentoring program and awareness raising campaign. The project will use lessons learned from a previous mentoRing program for women. Namely, the Center for Civil Society Promotion launched the mentoRing program for women in 2012 and implemented it continuously until 2016. The mentoring program for women in B%H will be implemented again, connecting young women and their mentors, starting in 2020, this time with the help of “Mlade lavice”, who will work to raise public awareness of the challenges facing young women.