Marijana Ušanović


CPCD signed a contract worth 34 million BAM!

CPCD has signed a grant agreement worth up to NOK 180 million (or slightly more than BAM 34 million) awarded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the implementation of the project SMART Balkans - Civil Society for shared society in the Western Balkans.

Protecting Civic space – Regional Civil Society Development Hub

The project aims to establish regional cooperation and link CSOs that will contribute to the advancement and sharing of knowledge and innovation through the promotion of […]

CCSP IT program intended for primary and secondary school pupils in B&H with the aim of developing the competencies of young people and improving the teaching […]

About the project: The project “Mlade lavice” will provide an opportunity for young women from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina to develop leadership skills, gain professional […]

Impact of COVID-19 on Civil Society in BiH

“Impact of COVID-19 on Civil Society in BiH” is the name of a one-year project implemented by the Civil Society Promotion Center with the financial support […]