Tarik Moćević


“Think of Nature!” December: Work Meeting of Eco HUBs

We are proud of the students who participate in our Eco School program, and in December we had the opportunity to talk, plant, and sing, with […]

“Think Nature!” November: Eco Traveling Painting

In November, we continued to visit schools. We visited the elementary school “Sveti Sava” in Dubrave, on the occasion of marking the World Day for Tolerance. […]

“Think Nature!” October: Seed Bank and a new call for corporate social responsibility initiatives

October was primarily marked by the announcement of a public call for corporate social responsibility initiatives on October 8. The call is addressed to organizations that […]

“Think Nature!” September: Conference for Eco School Teachers

Just as the Annual Conference marked August, September was marked by a major conference for staff of schools participating in the Eco-Schoolool program. Representatives of 37 […]

“Think Nature!” August: Annual Project Conference

August was completely marked by the Annual Conference, which marked two years of the project. Involvement of stakeholders – civil society organizations, institutions, institutions, companies, and […]