Think Nature! is a three-year project that will be implemented on whole territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Main objective of the project is to increase influence of civil society on environment protection, and by that, to contribute to better environment protection and enhanced resilience to environmental impact and climate change in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and to strengthen implementation of the requirements imposed by the EU and international agreements on the environment, climate and energy.

Think Nature! will have a set of different activities, which will lead to increasing environmental responsibility of government bodies, companies and citizens through advocacy campaigns; increasing involvement of local actors in addressing environmental issues through establishing infrastructure/network of 10 Eco Hubs; encouraging young people to engage in their environment and actively protect it through development of 40 Eco Schools; raising awareness and activism of young people in area of environment protection; and improving the quantity and quality of environmental coverage in media.

This project will involve variety of key stakeholders, such as environmental CSOs, media, citizens (especially young people), companies, primary and secondary schools, local and national government. Special attention will be paid to cross cutting issues, such as cross-cutting aspects of multidimensional poverty, conflict prevention, human rights, gender equality and environment. All project components include strong gender component.

Project is based on 5 components:

  1. Advocacy
  2. Eco HUBs
  3. Eco SCHOOLS
  4. Youth
  5. Eco Journalists

Melisa Tolja
Melisa Tolja