Results of the Treasury of BiH Innovations project

During the period of 1st July – 17th November the project Treasury of BiH Innovations managed to support 47 innovations. In addition, a new web platform for innovators was created and a database of innovators and mentors is established.

A Memorandum of cooperation was signed with the Inventor’s Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Sarajevo. More than 200 young people were directly involved through this project and the reach through all the media was at least one million. Only by social media, we gathered an organ reach of more than 500 000.

In addition, a YouTube channel was also established, and 6-day training sessions about patenting innovation were created and they are presented online on our YouTube channel. Supported innovations were presented at the World Innovation Competition, and most of them have won World medals for Innovations.

We managed to achieve excellent cooperation with other associations and individuals, and an unplanned online webinar was organized on the topic of OFFENSIVE AND DEFENSIVE FUNCTION OF INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY with lessons and examples from the Covid-19 pandemic.

We received an invitation to participate in Sarajevo Unlimited, where we presented our project. Sarajevo Unlimited is the first regional forum of innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology, created as a result of the first year of operation of the Networks Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Education Center in Sarajevo.

News article about World Winning Innovations Competition can be seen here:

The gold medal was won by Meliha Klopić Murtić, from Cazin, for the biological “Solid shampoo for strengthening hair roots”, which was supported through our project.

  • Seoul, August 20 – Medals were awarded to all five innovations, which were presented by members of the Association of Innovators of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the 24th Seoul International Exhibition of Innovative Works.

It is interesting that both gold medals went to the sisters, Amra Selimbašić Halilović, Master of Economics, and Elma Selimbašić, from Kladanj! Amra presented “Electric curtain against insects and rodents” and Elma “Drone for guiding and protecting animals at a distance”. This is the first time that the two sisters have exhibited together at a world exhibition since the Association of Innovators of Bosnia and Herzegovina has participated in world exhibitions since 1995.

It is also interesting that both innovations were awarded to Dragana Janković, Master of Civil Engineering from Sarajevo: she won a silver medal for “Cylindrical tool for grinding and polishing thin samples”, and a bronze medal for “Mold for pouring thin samples”.

The innovation “Solid herbal shampoo for sensitive scalp”, author Meliha Klopić Murtić, from Cazin won a bronze medal.

All four innovators were supported by the Centre for Civil Society Promotion through the project “Treasury of BiH Innovations”.

  • Members of the Association of Innovators of Bosnia and Herzegovina presented ten innovations and were awarded eight gold medals and two special recognitions at the “IWA Innovation Week” in the Moroccan capital.

This is one of the greatest successes of BiH in the world competition of inventive and technical creativity, specifically in the exhibitions of innovations, in which AIBIH has participated since 1995.

Amra Halilović presented “Electric curtain against insects and rodents”.

Dragana Janković from Sarajevo was gilded for innovations in the field of laboratory testing of concrete quality, specifically for “Cylindrical tool for grinding and polishing thin samples” and for “Mold for pouring thin samples”.

Meliha Klopić Murtić from Cazin was awarded for “Solid herbal shampoo for sensitive scalp”.

Elma Selimbašić from Kladanj was awarded for “Drone for searching and protecting animals at a distance”.

All these innovations were supported through our project.

  • Nuremberg, November 8 – On „73. International Exhibition of Ideas, Innovations and Finished Products “, in the Bavarian city of Nuremberg, where BH. Innovators have been exhibiting successfully since the autumn of the war in 1995, this time with half success – five medals for eight innovations. “Cylindrical tool for grinding and polishing thin specimens” from Dragana Janković,  “Electro-blinds for protection against insects and rodents” from Amra Selimbašić,  “Remote treatment and protection devicefrom Elma Selimbašić – all this innovation that were supported through our project were awarded with medals. It is worth mentioning that both sisters, through the Institute for Intellectual Property of BiH, filed an application for protection with the World Intellectual Property Organization!

Safe disposal of medical infectious waste is a problem facing the whole world, and its consequences came to the fore especially during the coronavirus pandemic, when there was a significant increase in the amount of such waste globally.