TAG: Mentoring, Women, Leadership is a project that aimed to form a technical advisory group to support women in politics through educational workshops and practical work.

In 2014, The Center for Civil Society Promotion (CCSP) organized a series of training for group members with the intention of providing the best possible knowledge in the field of the BiH political system, gender equality, and political campaigns.

The TAG – Technical Advisory Group group consisted of 38 young leaders who provided technical support and assistance during the 2014 general election campaign for 40 women politicians from 12 political parties and held 14 workshops in cities across BiH.

CCSP organized a series of training for group members to provide the best possible knowledge in the field of BiH political system, political marketing, media relations, use of modern technologies, gender equality, and political campaign. After undergoing training and education in these areas, TAG group members transferred the acquired knowledge to women from their local communities, thus building a foundation for raising awareness of the priorities of women who go to the polls as voters and pointed out the importance of solidarity among women.

In 2014, a gathering  Women’s Alliance was held with the participation of successful women in the political, academic, civil, artistic and business sectors.

It is important to mention that the TAG group continued to work actively on the education of all those women who chose this vocation after the completion of the project. This created the preconditions for spreading their influence in their local communities.

During 2016, the TAG group continued with numerous activities through the project Politics out of my pocket. For women from five cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, TAG organized educational activities on the budgeting in local governments.

In this way, the TAG group prepared voters in the 2016 Local Elections for budget discussions by raising their capacity to discuss various topics related to the public interest in their local communities.