“Think Nature!” July: Youth Summer Camp gathered 60 young Eco leaders

The month of July on the “Think Nature!” Project was marked by several events organized by the Center for Civil Society Promotion.

The first is advocacy training for participants selected based on a public call. It was a two-day training led by Nina Branković, which talked about the possibility of influencing policies, advocacy strategies, building an advocacy strategy and the like. The training was held on July 12 and 13.
As part of the “I plant, and you?” Campaign, a gathering of group members was organized in Mostar, on the property of Eko HUB Mostar. Gardeners had the opportunity to finally meet live, exchange energy, gifts, wishes, hugs, but also seeds, seedlings and cuttings, of course. New gatherings have been announced, as well as open calls for applications.

The super exciting podcast, the last one this season, with Andrej Gajić, also known as Andrej The Shark, needs to be pointed out. Andrej Gajić is the head of the study at National Geography, Department of Marine Animal Studies Shark Tales and the director of Sharklab. This non-profit organization primarily deals with the research of cross-eared (sharks, hornbills) in the Mediterranean area. With his knowledge and experience, he spoke about the current problems in his field of study and the issues the whole world faces when it comes to the marine world.

A visit to the Eco HUB Maglaj was organized. A story about this HUB and their previous, not insignificant successes was made, which was published on the project website mislioprirodi.ba, but also broadcast in other media.
We have promoted the “Think Nature!” Project in other places as well, for example, at the Online BCD Summer School organized by the Association of Linguists.

Finally, though, a big three-day Summer Youth Eco-Camp marked this month for Youth. Almost 60 young people from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, nature lovers and activists for its protection, spent the weekend at the Youth Summer Camp on Igman. They had fun, got to know nature and deepened their knowledge in the field of environmental protection.

The summer camp for young people certainly brought wonderful moments for its participants. Among them, students of forestry, biology, environmental protection, ecology, environmental activists… But also those who are not directly related to this profession but environmental protection as perhaps the most crucial issue of our time is undoubtedly of interest.
When it comes to partners, this month Eco Forum Zenica held a meeting with representatives of the City Administration of Zenica and the Assembly of ZDK, the second meeting of the Working Group of the Law Institute in BiH, and a meeting of this organization with a representative of the university / faculty planning a public lecture for students was held, Aarhus Center held educational workshops in Goražde, Višegrad and Foča, UnaSana Tourist Cluster distributed bins for biodegradable waste to caterers – with the initial measurement / weighing of bio waste, Eco HUB Blagaj held a cleaning action in Ljubinje and similar.