Independent Media Empowerment Program (IMEP)

Independent Media Empowerment Program (IMEP)

The Independent Media Empowerment Program (IMEP) is USAID funded five-year program implemented by the Center for Civil Society Promotion (CCSP). IMEP supports media independence and freedom of expression in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Think Nature!

Think Nature! is a three-year project that will be implemented on whole territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Main objective of the project is to increase influence […]

Treasury of B&H Innovations

Treasury of B&H Innovations is a project implemented by Center for Civil Society Promotion (CCSP) and financially supported by the Islamic Development Bank. The aim of this project is to guide young people through the process of innovation, encourage them to explore opportunities, and empower them to discover new ways to improve our community.



Civil Society Sustainability Project (CSSP)

The Centers for Civic Initiatives (CCI) and the Center for Civil Society Promotion (CCSP) implemented a five-year Civil Society Sustainability Project (CSSP)

Citizens in the election process

The project aimed to restore citizens' trust in the electoral process and improve their ability to select the best candidates for local government representatives.

The acquis of civil society in the Balkans

Within this project, the Center for Civil Society Promotion (CCSP) conducted monitoring of the enabling environment for the development of civil society in BiH.
Local services monitoring

Local Services Monitoring

The Center for Civil Society Promotion (CCSP) implemented the project Local Services Monitoring: CSOs, Citizens, and Local Authorities Together for Better Services, funded by the Open Society Fund B&H.

Youth Network Nikšić – Sarajevo

The Center for Civil Society Promotion (CCSP) in cooperation with the NGO partners form Montenegro implemented the project Youth Network Nikšić - Sarajevo.